The Filmmakers

Dan Cohen - Producer/Director

Dan Cohen

Dan Cohen is a six-time Emmy Award winning veteran journalist and documentary filmmaker.  His forty-year career has taken him around the world from remote cities in South America, to the launch pad of America’s Space Shuttle, the presidential campaign trail, and far away to the Arctic ice.  His skill for comprehensive work under deadline also won him a wide range of producer assignments including war zones with U.S. troops in Bosnia and the Middle East, touring with the Pope, national political conventions, presidential inaugurations, and Florida hurricane devastation.

He is the founder of the documentary film and production company West Street Productions.  Over the years West Street has won top production awards ranging from an Emmy for PSA production, to nine Telly awards, plus numerous other top industry honors.  His most recent production work took him to the Arctic Circle with environmental researchers.

His decades of work as a broadcast journalist and producer in the television control rooms of the largest markets in the country have won him five news production Emmy awards, numerous Emmy nominations, honors from the Associated Press, as well as the Ohio State University Journalism award for investigative reporting.

Dan’s most recent film, the PBS documentary “Space Shuttle Columbia: Mission of Hope” was broadcast in prime time on public television stations across the country, and is available on Netflix, iTunes, and Amazon.  The film achieved five “Best Film” honors in festivals in the U.S. and Hong Kong.  The seven-year journey to make the documentary included more than twenty interviews and on location filming in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Northern Israel, Houston, Texas, Nacogdoches, Texas, The Kennedy Space Center, Florida, New Jersey, and Washington, D.C.

Also coming soon, “History: Gone from the Hall” is a “who done it” story of intrigue and mystery. A very personal story of one man’s effort to protect his grandfather’s legacy, and to help recover priceless artifacts, decades after they were stolen from the Baseball Hall of Fame.

His new film, “Secret Workers of War” tells the remarkable story of nearly a half-a-million German POWs from WWII, held in prison camps across America.  The prisoners were used as hired labor on farms throughout the country, filling in for the men in Europe and Japan fighting the war.  As a result, farmers and factories were able to keep going, and able to supply the nation and the armed forces with food and goods needed for the war effort.  The production is expected to be released in 2018.  View the trailer.

Keith Haller - Executive Producer


A political strategist and public relations expert, Keith was well known in Maryland for his extraordinary organizational skills that helped  launch political careers, and for his support of numerous charitable organizations.

His high-profile political life kicked off during the Presidential campaign of Senator Ed Muskie in 1971 and then spent two years working for the Congressional Action Fund, a liberal PAC set up to support anti-war congressional candidates.

Keith’s natural ability to organize and mobilize made him a key player in founding both Leadership Greater Washington and the Center for National Policy,  where he was initially Executive Vice-President.

The turning point in Keith’s political career came in 1978 when he successfully organized the upset victory of Mike Barnes in the 8th Congressional District in Maryland, defeating the well-established Republican incumbent Newton Steers.  Keith would go on to be Barnes’s Chief-of Staff in his Congressional office for several years.

Keith left Capitol Hill to start his own political and polling consulting firm Potomac, Inc. where he soon became a creative force in the civic and political life of Montgomery County, Maryland.

Keith was deeply committed to giving back to the community.  He helped launch the first Montgomery County Community Service Day over 30 years ago, organized numerous events and campaigns to help revitalize downtown Silver Spring, Maryland and was a driving force behind the Fund for Montgomery created by Montgomery County Executive Ike Leggett.

Keith also had a passion for storytelling, and as Executive Producer, he championed the documentary “Secret Workers of War”, a little-known story about thousands of German World War II prisoners of war.

Keith passed away in December 2018, the documentary is dedicated to his memory.